Friday, October 29, 2010

HP Population Control

Have you seen the HP printer commercial depicting a little baby in his walker, all alone, cruising in and out of automobile and semi traffic!? Is HP nuts? Well they got my attention, albeit in a horrible, irresponsible way and I guess that's the point. Why not just depict the baby being squished by the semi while we're at it. I've got to stop watching TV.

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  1. Actually, I kind of like that commercial. The kid is cute and some of them can really travel in their walkers. I just thought it was a comment on a child's first chance at being independent. What worried me more was the picture the parents took of the child in front of a canyon, with only a split rail fence behind him! Or, maybe the whole thing is a comment on what parents are likely to take pictures of anyway? Babies and scenery? Erika always advised--don't take a picture of a mountain without someone in it! Ten years later you won't care about the mountain, but with luck you'll still like the person you saw it with!

    (I wish you would post links to your blog on facebook where I'll bump into it more often.)