Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hummingbird Moths

There are Hummingbirds where we live, and earlier this month my wife and I thought we saw one in the roses. It had the long beak, the whirring wings, but was really close to us, and lingered more than any Hummingbird I'd ever seen. We had time to really look at it, and it was not a bird at all, but a moth. About a week later, we saw another one in a different bed of flowers. In the meantime, I looked it up. There are at least 3 varieties of hummingbird moths, but in the wild when they are feeding, except for the antennas, they look and act just like them. Look them up. Interesting creature.



    Do they look something like that?

  2. Dani, dear, your image did not show. There is just the link. That is a mistake an old guy like me would make, not you.